Thursday, January 15, 2009


How in the world are you supposed to iron sheets??

I got this cute new bedding from Delia's with my Christmas gift card and just got it in the mail today. Of course it was all folded up and smooshed and in a tiny box, so I got everything out and put it in the wash. Now everything is totally wrinkly, so I guess Ill iron it.

I got the pillow cases down just fine, but when I got to the sheets its like where do I begin?! How do I get the middle? It takes forever because my ironing board is about 1/16th the width of the sheet. Im scootchin it and swirling it all around, and by the end I cant tell where Ive already ironed and where I haven't.

I know some crazy people actually do iron their bedding every time they wash it, and I want to know, is there some secret I dont know? Do they have special ironing boards that are big enough to cover the whole bed?

Or do I just need to learn a LOT more patience and take the time to make it nice.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


For Christmas we got the Deluxe Scrabble: Diamond Addition
From Greg's parents, and its led to some pretty competitive scrabble nights!
Dani has won every night so far, lets see how long the winning streak will go on!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Cats out of the Bag

Yesterday I officially heard the heartbeat, so I think its safe to say

We're having a baby!!

I started another blog, just as a journal for myself so I can remember everything thats happening, but if you want to check it out, its got all the juice!
<--- I put the link under my baby ticker

We are soooo excited

Coming August 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So How Much Anti-Gravity Potion Do You Want?

Happy New Year everyone!
Last night we went out to eat at Tucanos and stuffed ourselves with yummy yummy food. Greg's favorite is always the grilled pineapple :-)
We went with our friends from Gregs work, then headed up to Heber to a party with all the heberites! We had so much fun (forgot to take pictres though!) We played Boxers and Briefs which is such a funny game, then watched the ball drop. Then the men folk went outside in the freezing snow to sit in the hot tub, crazy! Katie and I decided to stay in the warm house and watch home makeover shows.
We stayed the night at Gregs parents and got to spend the day with them today. LuAnn helped me finish my first sewing project with my birthday sewing machine, this cute apron! It was alot harder then I thought it would to read the pattern, I knew no sewing lingo! :)

Anyways, its finished now, few! Its way cute too, especially on greg