Monday, July 19, 2010

Here in Maryland

here in maryland tatum and i are spoiled
we have lots of aunts/sisters/uncle/mimi to play with
i sometimes even get to take a nap, thanks to aunt hannah

tatum LOVES hannah!

ethan got baptised yesterday
he turned 8 june 25th but decided to wait so i could be here!

he had a ton of people there,
he's such a stud :)

our family
(minus greg)

we've only been married for 3.5 years and he isn't in a single family picture
besides from the actual wedding.
we will remedy this when he come out in august!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dollar Bowling Day

i have made some really great friends out here in el paso, and am sad to be leaving them today.

top row: jade, tara, dani, maegan, marion
bottom row: dani and jaci

i bowled a whopping 68 points! that put me in last place.
it seems like the more i play the worse i get. i had two spares at the beginning.
its a good thing im not a competitive bowler.

Now me and Tate are off to the airport. Here we come Mimi!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


i found a great *FREE* photo editing website that i am obviously in love with
(notice all my spruced up pictures lately)

look what i can do

im addicted

go here to try it out

Friday, July 9, 2010

Jungle Baby

went to baby gap today and found these cute jungle suits for just $3!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reggie Correa 7/8/2010

My oldest and best friend had her baby last night!

Reggie Menna Baretto Foz Correa
7 lbs 19 inches, and i can't wait to meet him!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 Months and Random Thoughts

when do you start being "from" somewhere?

i was born in california and moved to texas when i was in 6th grade. when i lived in tx i always said i was from ca, especially in high school. i thought it was cool.

then i moved up to utah after high school, and i always (the last 5 years!) say i'm from tx. and i think this is super cool.

now we're in el paso for the summer, and people ask me "where are you from".

i'm so confused! i still think in from tx, but i came down here from ut and am going back up to ut. i'm really hanging on to being from tx, but i think i might not be anymore! *tear*

on to the baby...

she's growing so big!

i wish i knew her height and weight stats to post, but i don't have a tape measure or a scale here. all i know is she is getting harder to carry, and she wants to be carried all the time.

she is also walking!!! she can go all the way across the living room!

she's still a bit wobbly, and sticks to crawling most of the time, but she practices every day.
she's so funny when she bends down to pick up her toys or her lime (new favorite "toy") and then walks around trying to balance with the new weight.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

i love the 4th of july, it is my favorite holiday, and even though all of our plans turned out to be spur of the moment, this year was a great one.

first we went to church, of course. then we had a bbq at the park with three other families/couples. tara made this amazing dip that i have to get the recipe for. it had black beans and avocado... what else do does a girl need? tatum and i munched on that the whole time.

(love the accidental 2 thumbs up)

the men threw around the football, and kicked around the soccer ball. tatum got to try out the climbing wall.

we attempted to go to a concert and fireworks at chazimal memorial park, which it turns out, is right on the border. the traffic to get down there was crazy

and we were surrounded by these

i guess there were a bunch of chihuahuans that came over to party for a day.

so we didn't end up at the concert, but found another park that was close enough to see the beautiful fireworks and skip out on the traffic.

tate got a little scared and kept jumping from my lap to gregs. but once dad picked her up and cuddled with the blanket she got into it. im talking ooo's and ahh's.

(i did not take this pic, thanks google)

one of the best parts of my year

Little Miss

tatum and i spend a lot of time at the pool. not every day, but close. we got this pair of sunnys at kohls and she loves them. its so funny to see her walking around the side of the pool, just chill.

she especially loves to play out there when there are other kids to entertain her. luckily most days our pool is filled with them.