Friday, September 21, 2012

Penny Jane Brandt
September 9, 2012 
 7 lbs 10 oz.   20 inches

( don't worry grandma houghton, we are sending you a photo without any feathers )

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


 It's finally here! Tate's first day of preschool, and it was  success! No tears from T or Mom :)

 She picked out her outfit last night, and brought her pinkalicious backpack and new flower running shoes. She also picked a french braid.

 She was the second of her classmates to arrive, and the first little boy was crying when we came in. Tate had been so excited, but when she saw him she looked up at me like whats going on here. I stayed a few minutes with her and more kids arrived. Luckily the other two girls in the class are in our ward, so she had some familiar faces.

Her teacher is Mrs Myrna, and she is so nice. Tatum reported that she really liked her curly hair and she thinks she might wear it in a bun one day. Also an alligator showed them where the bathroom was which was very funny.
They had a snack of cheese, crackers, and cookies. There were three boys today and their names were Super Why, Hunter, and she couldn't remember the 3rd. Two of the kids were at Disneyland so they didnt come today.
She came home with a big smile and a special flag they made with her name on it. It is proudly hanging on her bedroom door. She kept saying to me "I'm so proud of you!"
I love her.

Monday, September 3, 2012

39 Weeks, Labor Day

Labor Day, not labor day!! I officially feel like I will literally be pregnant forever. I just assumed this babe would make her appearance early, earlier then big sis. And now I am upset.
Exactly one week till my due date.
Mom's coming on Saturday, and I really hope she'll be here by then!!

We took the kayaks out today with the Correa's and Sara and had alot of fun. It was perfect weather. The water was cool and just the right size to paddle the kids around and play in the sand. Wish I had brought my camera, here are some pics from A's iphone.

Tate LOVED being out on the boat