Monday, September 3, 2012

39 Weeks, Labor Day

Labor Day, not labor day!! I officially feel like I will literally be pregnant forever. I just assumed this babe would make her appearance early, earlier then big sis. And now I am upset.
Exactly one week till my due date.
Mom's coming on Saturday, and I really hope she'll be here by then!!

We took the kayaks out today with the Correa's and Sara and had alot of fun. It was perfect weather. The water was cool and just the right size to paddle the kids around and play in the sand. Wish I had brought my camera, here are some pics from A's iphone.

Tate LOVED being out on the boat


Jessie said...

Exciting!! You look great. Can't wait to hear.. hopefully soon! :)

Jessie said...

And.. happy birthday!!

Thompsons said...

you look so cute with your belly in the kayak! ha i love it! i hate to tell you this but with my second i went a week over and i thought she would be early too! i was 5 days early with my first! good luck!