Monday, March 23, 2009

Bread and Butter

I was having a really bad day today. I got to work and everything was fine, but after a few hours my left side and back were really starting to hurt. I have been getting these pains after standing up at work for long days, but today it got really bad!
By about 1 o'clock it was hurting so bad I started feeling liike I was going to throw up. Luckily I was doing a weave on a lady so after I put in all her foils I got to go sit down in the back while she processed. Usually when I sit down/lay down for awhile the pain goes away.... not today. As I got up to check her color I was only feeling worse, so I asked my friend Kelly if she would wash her out for me.
I felt like such a wimp/loser but I decided to go home and lay down.
Greg massaged my back for a while, I ate lunch, and then fell asleep on the couch.
I feel like such a bum, but I do feel alot better.

Greg later went to class and when he came home he had a loaf of bread that our Branch Pres made for us. I was so happy, it smelled so good. And tasted even better with butter and jam.
That made me feel better.

I got an appointment set up with a midwife for tommorrow morning, I havnt really felt that great about the doctor Ive been seeing, and this midwife delivers at the hospital I was planning on going to. I'd been wanting to use a midwife but didnt really know where to go or who to go to or anything like that, so I hope she works out well.

Heres a pic of my new diaper bag. Its so cute I asked G if I was allowed to use it before the baby got here and he said no. I have to wait. Its just like when you get new clothes for the first day of school, you dont want to wear them out before the year even starts!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

My lil sis came to spend a few days with me over her Spring break, it was so much fun to hangout with her. We drove straight from the airport to try and squeeze in the last day of the Draper Temple open house (without tickets). Luckily we made it onto the bus and into the temple.
It was so beautiful, and seemed alot bigger then any of the others I've been in, although I think its because the walkway you went on twirled all around like a maze so you couldnt really tell which way you were going. The inside had alot of beautiful cherry wood paneling from central Africa, Im going to have to find the name of their decorator so I can get some of that in my future home. It was so warm and inviting.
Me and Si outside the temple
Waiting for the blue busThe neighborhoods usrrounding the temple were HUGE houses!One of them had a big outside staircase that looked like Beauty and the Beast.

On Sunday after church we ran home starved (we always have to stay late for meetings, tith counting, setting aparts, etc etc). We made yuuuuuummmmy monte cristo sandwiches!
And I used my cool skillet that im now addicted to.

Sisters lovingly preparing the dinner :-P

Greg was a little hesitant about the jam and powdered sugar combo
He didnt know
But he learned
And he liked :-)
Monday we went to the salon and gave Sierra some low-lights, oOooOo. Then we went to my dr. appointment and ULTRASOUND!!! Found out we're not having a Max...
Its a Girl! Its a Girl! Its a Girl! Its a Girl! Its a Girl!
I have no names picked or even in the running for girls names. They're hard!

Dad and Bea drove up on Monday so we got to hang out with them for hte rest of the week.
Here we are at Texas Roadhouse

I love that place!

Other activities while they were here:
Shopping, shopping, more shopping, Eating yummy food, getting Buck into the groomer (that was fun :-) big baby), had Bea's birthday cake prepared by S and D, and picked out lots of cute fabric for baby quilts. Bea's got her work cut out for her for the next few months :-)

All in all it was a very fun trip!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Cheerios

For a while now we have been seeing commercials for a NeW FlAvOr of cheerios! How exciting!
Every time it comes on G's like "mmmmmm, you should get some of those"
And yesterday I finally did.
Verdict = DELICIOUS!
Its kind of like eating banana bread in cereal form, with a glass of milk built in.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friends post

These events have taken place over the past month and 1/2... or however long its been since i posted.

My cute friend Brenna had a birthday and did a murder mystery dinner. It was pretty confusing, but very fun! We all dressed up and had characters, mine was Irma Slute, the ex-showgirl. Scandalous. I dont remember the other names, but I do remember JP was the killer.

These are my new friends! Kelly (on the far left) works with me at Fanny Sams, and Kaitlyn and Katie are her roommates. Kelly is practically engaged but her fiancee lives in Idaho so we get to have girls nights :-) Greg gets to sit at home and cry. (or hang out with the guys...)

Greg and I had a WHOLE day off together on Presidents day.. woowoo! We only get this luxury every blue moon. So we spent the day in Heber/Park City, eating and shopping and hanging out.

For brunch we went to The Hub, my fav restaurant in Heb-town.

I had french toast and it was sooooo good! Everything there is scrumptious!

Kelly's birthday was a few weeks ago so I introduced all my new friends to the Pizza Factory. MMMmmmm