Tuesday, February 22, 2011

18 Months

seriously, how cute is this little girl just barely awake from her nap
My girl is one and a half years old! How did that happen? She is officially a nursery kid!
I took her to her 18 month appointment today and got her stats:
Height  -  31 inches  -  50%
Weight  -  22.2 lbs  -  25%
Head  -  46 cm  -  25%
She had to get two pricks today too, and she was so sad. After we got home she walked up to dad saying "ouch, ouch" and holding her leg. Poor thing.

Dr. Arnold says she is ahead of schedule for her vocabulary and mobility, and praised her for being able to eat with a fork. She's so smart :)

New words she's using:
puppy, apple, frog, juice, milk, thank you, welcome (you're welcome), binkie, blankie, dance, sorry, teeth, Tancy (Fancy Nancy), and cry.

She likes to look for the page in each of the Fancy Nancy books where Nancy is crying, then she gives her a hug. She likes to hug all her books actually.
She likes to go to story time at the library and sing and dance along with the "Helpers", but she gets scared of the puppets.
She also gets scared of bad guys on movies, and dad's video games.
She likes to watch Care Bears, Angelina Ballerina, and Kipper.
She likes to be sung to, and is starting to sing along. Her favorites are Twinkle Twinkle, I Am a Child of God, and of course the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
She LOVES to dance, especially to Justin Beiber, ha! She can also sing along to his song Baby. I keep meaning to get it on camera.
She and her Dad also Love to play the game where they pretend to be asleep, then wake up. Asleep, wake up. Over and over. She sometimes "snores" while she's "sleeping". So cute.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It's been snowing all day. Ick.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 5th

I had a busy day!
8:30-2:00 Took G to work. Did Em's extensions for her wedding. They look awesome (at least I think), and I got a nice big blister on my thumb from the hot hot hair glue.
2:00-4:30 Took G back home. Did a weave on a client while Miss Tatum took a nice nap. Oh how I love nap time.
4:30- 9:30 Went down to Spanish for Emily's bridal shower.
9:45 Got back home and put Tate down for bed so I can blog and prepare for my Vegas trip tomorrow.

Vegas trip, what? Ya! Me and my BFF/neighbor Kelly have been talking about a girls trip FOREVER and we finally just decided to go. This weekend. Why not. TravelZoo sent me an amazing deal for a suite at the Monte Carlo and now we're going! :)
Along with my fab sister-in-law Jessica and one of Kelly and my ex-coworkers Heidi.
The ex makes her sound like we had a bad break up, but she's really nice, we just don't all work together anymore.

I am beyond excited. I have all my outfits planned out, weather in the 60's, can you believe it! We have had some pretty frigid days this last week and Im ready for the sun.

Only down side. Well sort of down, sort of super great. No kids allowed. No waking up at night to sniffling babies, or changing poopy diapers, or waking up early and being forced to watch Baby Einstien World Animal Adventure. Having time to read magazines and chat with the girls, and going out for an awesome dinner without having to worry about food being thrown to the floor, or a toddler wiggling out of her high chair. (those were the greats)
I'm going to miss my little Tatum soooo so much! When we first started planning it I was only thrilled to get a few days off, but each day it gets closer my heart is aching just a little bit more. I actually want to go get her out of bed right now and squeeze her, and smell her, and ask her for more kisses. She is a pro at giving kisses.

Luckily she has the best Daddy in the world, and he is going to take such good care of her!
2 Days and 2 Nights of daddy-daughter bonding. Have fun Guys!

P.S. We were experimenting with my hair, and it looks a little orange and a whole lotta not cute, so dont be alarmed by the pictures I bring back. I haven't had a chance to fix it before we leave.

P.P.S. Here's Tate with a cute little braid that lasted around 2 whole hours!! Before she located and destroyed.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lucky Tatum

After much debate about who would answer the door this morning, 
I opened it to see the friendly face of the mail man with a package for the little tater!

We LOVE getting packages! Who doesn't? Especially when they come from grandparents, they always send the coolest treasures.

Today that package held a a special Valentines card and quilt made by Grandma Houghton! 

Tatum loves it and snuggled up in it immediately :)

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa! Love you!