Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well, we are well on our way to having a "big kid" on our hands.

we've been bottle free for a few months now, and last week i decided the binkie had to go. one night, i think it was tuesday, i put her to bed without it. i got her a sippy cup to hold and told her she was a big girl and binkies were for babies. she has asked for it a few times with minimal whining, but as long as i say "you're a big girl remember" she is fine. she has been harder to put down for bed the last month, so i figured if i was already dealing with a little crying and mom... mom...... moooom.... MOM!-ing, i might as well get the bink out of there and over with.

next week, or maybe the week after i will be attempting
dun dun dunnnnnn...

potty training! ah!

i went and got a few books from the library since i have no idea what i am doing. one turned out to be a how to teach your infant to use the potty book- not helpful. the next is potty training in one day. i'm reading this one through and i think i'll do it. basically you have to dedicate a few hours of one on one complete uninterrupted attention, demonstration with a doll, and treats and praise for a good job. it sounds like a fine method, we'll see if it will really work in a day though.

i am excited to let her pick our some big girl panties!!

our Halloween was a success
even though i really wanted to choose Tate's costume myself, something cool, not a fairy that 5 million other little girls were sure to be, but she was persistent.
and she was the most adorable Tinkerbell out of all 5 million, so thats something.

we stopped by the library for their trick or treating so we could meet up with Greg on his "lunch break". what's up with not closing early on Halloween t-mobile?

Peter, Tiger Lily and Tinkerbell
 Greg was also going to be the crocodile, but since he was working all night, and hadn't been able to go to any of the other dress up events we went to this year i didn't make his costume. i don't think he was to disappointed.
then we went around the neighborhood with our friends the Cuevas and got more candy then any two year old should ever have.

also the adorable Bartlett girls got to join us. their lucky parents are on a cruise this week. how fun for them!

above we have: Queen Riley, Iris the monkey, Tate as Tinkerbell, Superman Noah, a Tanya flower, and Ivan the ninja. we love our friends <3