Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where are you Christmas

Our little RudyGingerbread lighthouse that took 1st place at the Brandt Family Xmas Party
Me and Tate by the tree
Dont worry, I keep the heat up nice and toasty so she can hang out in her diaper if she wants

Thanksgiving Photos

Getting things ready

Josh and Greg sampling
The buck that for some reason I have about 20 pictures of
Greg's amazing bird
Mom and Baby for most of the day
Natalie and Flint playing dress up, very entertaining

4 Months

Our Tatum bug is getting so big! She had her 4 month appointment yesterday and had to get some shots :( Never fun. She was really brave though, only yelled when they poked her. Then she was fine and happy for the rest of the exam.

Height: 25''
Weight: 14 lbs 4 oz
Head circ: 40 cm

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We've Moved!

When we first moved into our apartment at "Hidden Ghettos" it was supposed to be a temporary home. 6 months at the longest...

just about 2 years later we've finally moved!

Our new apartment is a lot nicer and about 50 years newer then our last one. We have carpet that I can bare to think of Tatum crawling on, central air, and a DISHWASHER! Man oh man have I missed having a dishwasher.

So we have been pretty busy unpacking and getting done with this semester of school.

Our Thanksgiving wasn't the greatest, at least for me. The day before I got food poisoning and spent most of the weekend hovering over the toilet or in bed.

I had one bite of potatoes, a bite of stuffing, and a small piece of turkey. Very depressing.

At least I got to eat leftovers.

Tatum started sleeping through the night!!! I think we're on day 7!

The trick is to wrap her up soooo tight that she cant wriggle her little arms out, or even move. If she is truly straight-jacketed up she will stay asleep 10+ hours! It has been bliss.