Saturday, June 26, 2010

My BIG Girl

My baby is getting so big!
I wouldn't call her "independant"
She pretty much clings to me all day,
But every once in a while she'll crawl over to her room
and start playing with her toys

It's so cute!

She had a high fever the other day, 102.3 degrees!
It was her first fever!
I'm not kidding either.
I was super worried,
but it turns out she was just cutting some new teeth.
I think its weird that that would make her have a fever.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day

It was Greg's first so we tried to give him lots of love!

Tate loved helping open his presents

They both got super cute for church
(thanks for the beautiful dress Grandma Houghton!)

Then another wardrobe change,
Tatum's onsie said "Daddy's Lil Sweetie"
With a cupcake

And Greg's said
"King for a day"

But of course you can't see either of them
in the pictures

Greg is such an amazing Dad
He helps with everything.
Get's up during the night, Poopy diapers,
Baths, Getting her dressed,
He even takes turns getting up in the morning so I can sleep in

He works so hard for our family
(So we can have food and clothes,
and all that other stuff.)

He is a priesthood holder
which blesses our family every day.

He is smart, and handsome, and talented
Most of all he loves us!
We are two lucky girls!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

9 months

Ok we are slowly making our way to the current time.
She turned 10 months yesterday,
But here's our 9 month post :)

There was no way she was going to look at the camera this time
Silly girl

She got 4 new teeth this month,
all across the top
First came the outer two teeth so she was a vampire for a few weeks,
then the middles decided to poke through

She also started standing up on the couch
And then standing up without holding on to anything!

This last week she has been cruisin' along the furniture,
the cabinets, the tub, the bed, the edge of the pool,
and the walls

She gets excited for Dad to come home
And she likes to talk on the phone,
well listen while she is being talked to.

She gives big open mouthed kisses

She loves swimming, and getting sunscreened with the spray on kind

She's pretty much just the cutest girl ever

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

El Paso Zoo

Greg had to travel to Alamogordo for a week (and a few days) to sell
So Tate and I were on our own!
Not as exciting as it seems :)

I tried to fill our days with activities to keep from getting bored and missing Daddy.
I also set up the internet ALL BY MYSELF
And got netflix coming in steadily to keep me occupied at night.
I slept in Tatum's room on the twin bed
which is waaay more comfortable then the queen in our room
One thing I definitely miss is our nice bed from the Cody!

It made me feel more safe knowing she was just a fingertip away from me,
Im such a chicken at night.

We tried to go to the Museum of History
They have a Da Vinci exhibit where they have created all of his idea life size
Unfortunately we drove all the way out there
to find that everything is closed on Mondays.
I'm going to make sure I go back though.

On Saturday we went to the zoo
Tried to leave early so we could beat the heat,
well the worst of it .
It is pretty hot here even at ten in the morning.

It was a small zoo, which is fine.
What bugged me is that half of their exhibits didnt have their animals in them.
So we walked around and looked at alot of trees and brush :)

They first anmal we did see was the lions.
We walked up and Tatum must have spotted them
because she started ROARING!
It was super cute.

We also saw the highly anticipated...
Prairie Dog!

The plastic animals were almost as much fun to see

It was getting really hot,
I handed Tate her sippy cup
She held on to it and sip sip sipped for a long time.
When I went to pick her up I found out how she was beating the heat
Her onsie was completely soaked with water.
I bet it felt good.

It was a pretty fun day
Even with the missing animals.
We're excited to go to the National Zoo and the Aquarium again
When we're in Maryland!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

8 Month Pic

Yay Blogger is letting me post! What was up yesterday?

Anyways, even though Tatum is actually about to turn 10 months old, i didnt have a chance to post her monthly pictures while the internet was out.

This is the month she learned how to crawl. She actually started the week we were in Roswell. She must have gotten some alien power that made her get movin'.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Roswell, NM

Our 2nd week out here the boss man decided
Greg needed to work on his sales pitch up in Roswell New Mexico.
We packed up our suitcase and headed out the this crazy town.
Everywhere we went we saw aliens.

Tate and i tried to find things to do,
it is a very small town.
Of course we had to stop at the UFO Museum and Research Center

Tatum had this look on her face the whole time like
"you've got to be kidding me mom"

It was all very impressive ( <--- sarcasm)
Their space ship debris looked alot like tin foil to me.
I felt like we were walking around a 5th grade science fair,
but it did give us something to do... for about an hour :)

One cool thing about the trip is that we learned there is a city in NM called ... Tatum!

From El Paso

It was only 1 1/2 hours away from us,
and some days we were bored enough to consider driving out there
until we googled it and read that the population was 600
with even less to do then Roswell

We also learned from Google that there are 3 other Tatum cities:
Tatum, Oklahoma
Tatum, South Carolina
and Tatum, Texas!

One day we'll go to one of these places.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Somehow I've gotten two naps out of the little TaterTot today!
So here's blog #2

June... how did it become June so fast?!

We have been down in El Paso for 7 weeks already, and the time is flying by.
Our first few days it was a little chilly,
which I wasn't expecting.

But that is loooong gone now.
We're due to hit the 100's by the end of this week

We've splashed in the pool a ton
And lucky for me, being out in the sun for more then 30 minutes really wears Tate out, so I usually get a good long nap after we swim.
Greg (and all the men i'm sure) come home tan and sweaty.
I send him right to the shower before I can get a good hug.

Sierra flew down from MD to make the drive to Ft. Worth
for Katrine's wedding with us.
Thank goodness she was there!
8 hours behind the wheel makes my legs hurt

And Tatum loved seeing her auntie
even though she didnt always show it :)

Im sure Si enjoyed our night for crying baby at the Petty's
The trip really threw off the babe's internal schedule.

I think she only took 3 naps during the 5 day trip

It was so nice to be "home"
Even though we don't have family there anymore
it will always be home to me.

It was super super humid, which I didn't remember.
The wedding ceremony was down by a little creek
where you could feel the moisture really stick to your skin, it felt like a blanket.
Luckily us girls were in our "breezy" summer dresses.

From El Paso

Katrine was beautiful...
Everything was beautiful!
She put in alot of time and planning and it definatly paid off.
It was probably the prettiest wedding i've ever been to.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing hair
and playing with Calan and his cool toys at the Petty's
(thanks so much for letting us stay with you!)

Then hanging out with Nazli and Morgan.
My two best friends
(and Katrine :) )

Its nice to be able to just go hang out with them
We really did nothing
Hung out at the pool,
Watched movies,
listened to cranky Tatum day and night.

But I had a blast
and I love knowing I can go home any time
and be with my friends and not have to worry about doing anything
Just being friends :)

Mini Pic Post

Of course Tatum wakes up from her nap just as I am gettting into blogger... so for now its just a few pics.
From El Paso

At Kat's wedding
From El Paso

From El Paso