Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day

It was Greg's first so we tried to give him lots of love!

Tate loved helping open his presents

They both got super cute for church
(thanks for the beautiful dress Grandma Houghton!)

Then another wardrobe change,
Tatum's onsie said "Daddy's Lil Sweetie"
With a cupcake

And Greg's said
"King for a day"

But of course you can't see either of them
in the pictures

Greg is such an amazing Dad
He helps with everything.
Get's up during the night, Poopy diapers,
Baths, Getting her dressed,
He even takes turns getting up in the morning so I can sleep in

He works so hard for our family
(So we can have food and clothes,
and all that other stuff.)

He is a priesthood holder
which blesses our family every day.

He is smart, and handsome, and talented
Most of all he loves us!
We are two lucky girls!


Natalie said...

I think all 3 of you are lucky. What a sweet girl Tatum is. Can't wait to meet her and cuddle and kiss her. 3 more months.
Love n' hugs.

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

You all are way too cute. Tatum is so big and all those little chumpers are really darling. We love you all. Grandpa H picked that dress and the John Deere socks. He has good taste hah?
I can't wait to see my little Tate again. You look beautiful on your family picture.
Grandma H

AeroRob said...

We could not have hand picked a better husband for you. He is a very good man.

Best Wishes,