Saturday, June 19, 2010

9 months

Ok we are slowly making our way to the current time.
She turned 10 months yesterday,
But here's our 9 month post :)

There was no way she was going to look at the camera this time
Silly girl

She got 4 new teeth this month,
all across the top
First came the outer two teeth so she was a vampire for a few weeks,
then the middles decided to poke through

She also started standing up on the couch
And then standing up without holding on to anything!

This last week she has been cruisin' along the furniture,
the cabinets, the tub, the bed, the edge of the pool,
and the walls

She gets excited for Dad to come home
And she likes to talk on the phone,
well listen while she is being talked to.

She gives big open mouthed kisses

She loves swimming, and getting sunscreened with the spray on kind

She's pretty much just the cutest girl ever


Whitney said...

Oh my heck she is so grown up and so DANG CUTE!!! I miss you guys!!!

B and J said...

Come home Tatum, come home

txmommy said...

my goodness, her little toes are so delicious I just want to nibble them. What a cute cute cutie!!

BB said...

uh, so cute. I will be expecting my Tate phone call any day now...

EmiLy & TaLia said...

She is So cute and getting so big tal is so excited for you guys to come home so she can play with lil tate!!!