Wednesday, June 16, 2010

El Paso Zoo

Greg had to travel to Alamogordo for a week (and a few days) to sell
So Tate and I were on our own!
Not as exciting as it seems :)

I tried to fill our days with activities to keep from getting bored and missing Daddy.
I also set up the internet ALL BY MYSELF
And got netflix coming in steadily to keep me occupied at night.
I slept in Tatum's room on the twin bed
which is waaay more comfortable then the queen in our room
One thing I definitely miss is our nice bed from the Cody!

It made me feel more safe knowing she was just a fingertip away from me,
Im such a chicken at night.

We tried to go to the Museum of History
They have a Da Vinci exhibit where they have created all of his idea life size
Unfortunately we drove all the way out there
to find that everything is closed on Mondays.
I'm going to make sure I go back though.

On Saturday we went to the zoo
Tried to leave early so we could beat the heat,
well the worst of it .
It is pretty hot here even at ten in the morning.

It was a small zoo, which is fine.
What bugged me is that half of their exhibits didnt have their animals in them.
So we walked around and looked at alot of trees and brush :)

They first anmal we did see was the lions.
We walked up and Tatum must have spotted them
because she started ROARING!
It was super cute.

We also saw the highly anticipated...
Prairie Dog!

The plastic animals were almost as much fun to see

It was getting really hot,
I handed Tate her sippy cup
She held on to it and sip sip sipped for a long time.
When I went to pick her up I found out how she was beating the heat
Her onsie was completely soaked with water.
I bet it felt good.

It was a pretty fun day
Even with the missing animals.
We're excited to go to the National Zoo and the Aquarium again
When we're in Maryland!


The Taggarts said...

fun fun! but you must come home soon! we miss you at book group!

utmommy said...

Cute pix!

The Bingham Family said...

I can't believe how much Tatum has changed! She's loosing the baby face and is just so beautiful! We miss you ... COME HOME!

amanda said...

hahaha quincee went to the zoo too and it was so hot, we found out that she would dump her sippy cup all over her shirt, they are so smart haha