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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Wearing

The past few weeks we have been babysitting my good friends little boy 3 days a week. He is just 2 months old, and such an easy baby! (At least in our 5 hour increments). Tate LOVES having him around too. She is really gentle with him, and has a great time finding things for him to look at, or helping him with his binkie. Our only struggle is keeping her from pushing him while he is in the swing. It's a nice thought Tate, but we don't want him to get whiplash :)

I've also been getting more use our of my baby slings since he's been around. I didn't use them as much as I wanted to with Tatum, I always forgot I had them. She was just carried around in her car seat. No fun! But having 2 kids around I've realized my next baby will probably spend every day in a wrap. It so convenient to have them close, and still be able to do everything that involves keeping up with a toddler.

And doesn't Tatum look cute wearing her baby doll? She is going to make a great big sister one day.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Artist

Day two of not leaving the house. Not by choice, just nothing to do and no money to spend. I dug up some art supplies from the back of Tatum's closet/ the place everything that doesn't have a place goes. Tatum absolutely loved painting with water color. She could have sat there all day painting, not a care in the world, chatting about puppies (i think), see above video.

 Only mean old mom cut off the fun after about a half hour. I don't know why but sitting there watching/"helping" her paint was really hard for me. I never thought I was an fastidious person. But watching her paint over the same spot over, and over, and over until she had worn a whole through the paper was really frustrating. I kept asking her to paint on different areas but she just kept on painting over that same spot. Then she was trying to use the white paint, on white paper. Nothing was showing up. I told her the white one doesn't work on this white paper because it's the same color. She didn't care. She went on trying to get that white paint to work. Over and over. Also she would dip her brush in the water, then in the paint, then back in the water, then into the same color as before... Then back in the water.... Same color. How many times do you need to do this before you actually put the color on the paper? You're wasting the paint!

This was all said in my head. I'm trying to paint a picture here of how crazy my brain was this mere 30 minutes. I kept thinking to myself, it doesnt matter if she uses up all the color, we don't use it anyway. It's her watercolor, and we can always buy more. Probably from the dollar store! It's ok if she wants to try the white. What does it matter. This is art, it can have a whole in the middle if she wants. Calm down. This is fun for her.

But man it was seriously giving me anxiety! Weird.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011