Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Somehow I've gotten two naps out of the little TaterTot today!
So here's blog #2

June... how did it become June so fast?!

We have been down in El Paso for 7 weeks already, and the time is flying by.
Our first few days it was a little chilly,
which I wasn't expecting.

But that is loooong gone now.
We're due to hit the 100's by the end of this week

We've splashed in the pool a ton
And lucky for me, being out in the sun for more then 30 minutes really wears Tate out, so I usually get a good long nap after we swim.
Greg (and all the men i'm sure) come home tan and sweaty.
I send him right to the shower before I can get a good hug.

Sierra flew down from MD to make the drive to Ft. Worth
for Katrine's wedding with us.
Thank goodness she was there!
8 hours behind the wheel makes my legs hurt

And Tatum loved seeing her auntie
even though she didnt always show it :)

Im sure Si enjoyed our night for crying baby at the Petty's
The trip really threw off the babe's internal schedule.

I think she only took 3 naps during the 5 day trip

It was so nice to be "home"
Even though we don't have family there anymore
it will always be home to me.

It was super super humid, which I didn't remember.
The wedding ceremony was down by a little creek
where you could feel the moisture really stick to your skin, it felt like a blanket.
Luckily us girls were in our "breezy" summer dresses.

From El Paso

Katrine was beautiful...
Everything was beautiful!
She put in alot of time and planning and it definatly paid off.
It was probably the prettiest wedding i've ever been to.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing hair
and playing with Calan and his cool toys at the Petty's
(thanks so much for letting us stay with you!)

Then hanging out with Nazli and Morgan.
My two best friends
(and Katrine :) )

Its nice to be able to just go hang out with them
We really did nothing
Hung out at the pool,
Watched movies,
listened to cranky Tatum day and night.

But I had a blast
and I love knowing I can go home any time
and be with my friends and not have to worry about doing anything
Just being friends :)


The Wendler Family said...

Weddings are so fun to go to! Looks like you had a great times seeing friends. Glad you have help with little Tatum. She is getting so big! What a little doll. :)

utmommy said...

I love being able to just be friends!

We miss you. I can't believe how much Tate has changed. And she's such a tan little thing!