Friday, June 4, 2010

Roswell, NM

Our 2nd week out here the boss man decided
Greg needed to work on his sales pitch up in Roswell New Mexico.
We packed up our suitcase and headed out the this crazy town.
Everywhere we went we saw aliens.

Tate and i tried to find things to do,
it is a very small town.
Of course we had to stop at the UFO Museum and Research Center

Tatum had this look on her face the whole time like
"you've got to be kidding me mom"

It was all very impressive ( <--- sarcasm)
Their space ship debris looked alot like tin foil to me.
I felt like we were walking around a 5th grade science fair,
but it did give us something to do... for about an hour :)

One cool thing about the trip is that we learned there is a city in NM called ... Tatum!

From El Paso

It was only 1 1/2 hours away from us,
and some days we were bored enough to consider driving out there
until we googled it and read that the population was 600
with even less to do then Roswell

We also learned from Google that there are 3 other Tatum cities:
Tatum, Oklahoma
Tatum, South Carolina
and Tatum, Texas!

One day we'll go to one of these places.


utmommy said...

I can't believe they have an alien on their Wal-Mart sign. WEIRD!

Lil' M said...

that weird with all the alien on like EVERYTHING

BB said...

that's freaking creepy Twilight Zone me no likey. Me do likey your cute Tater Tot. Send her to me so I can chomp those cheeks. Thanks.

amanda said...

Holy cow i have totally been to roswell and to that museum haha i have a picture by the alien on the strtcher, it was the only thing cool about that town