Monday, July 12, 2010

Dollar Bowling Day

i have made some really great friends out here in el paso, and am sad to be leaving them today.

top row: jade, tara, dani, maegan, marion
bottom row: dani and jaci

i bowled a whopping 68 points! that put me in last place.
it seems like the more i play the worse i get. i had two spares at the beginning.
its a good thing im not a competitive bowler.

Now me and Tate are off to the airport. Here we come Mimi!!!

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Stan & Ash said...

Tatum is seriously sooooo stinking cute!! I really cant get over it!!!! I love that swimsuit! i am now going to hurry and start looking for one just like it for my future child that i will someday have. I can't get enough of her cute little face!