Saturday, July 10, 2010


i found a great *FREE* photo editing website that i am obviously in love with
(notice all my spruced up pictures lately)

look what i can do

im addicted

go here to try it out


txmommy said...

love it!

c. griffith said...

fun! thanks dani...i am now obsessed with this site and am loving doing stuff to my pics! :)

Meags said...

LOVE picnik! it is a fun program ... especially when you don't have adobe. cute pics!

Ty and Mari said...

thank you! I love this! I was trying to use Picasa and this is so much easier!

Lace said...

Love Pinik! It's all I use :) Getting the upgrade to Picnik premium is worth it too!

I get most of my fabrics from Hobby Lobby & DownShadowLane on Etsy :)