Monday, January 8, 2007

*First Post*

Well, G and I check my mom's blog EVERYDAY and love to see the pictures and stories of our family, so he said I should start one :-)

Wednesday I start beauty school! I am VERY excited!! I will be glad to have somewhere to go everyday, i get bored being at home all day, but suprisingly my house has been very very clean! Ive been trying to find a job that will work around my school schedule and give me Sundays off, but its harder then it looks. Hopefully Jamba Juice will work out!!!!
I love Jamba


Joyismygoal said...

Hi sweetie, I am excited for you to start beauty school you will do well. Welcome to the blogging world, visit mine I will have even more wedding updates soon. MV

utmommy said...

You are so beautiful. Look at you all married and blogging!

txmommy said...

welcome to blogdom!
I love you!

AeroRob said...

I love that picture.

Ohio State is getting killed. They lost their key reciever right in the beginning and can't seem to pull it together. Brother wants to play.

AeroRob said...

I also love "50 First Dates". I was rolling when she chased down the Hawaiian surfer buddy with a baseball bat.

I also loved "Ricky Bobby". I laughed so hard I cried.