Thursday, January 11, 2007

New School

Well, Ive been going to Evans Hairstyling College for two days now and I love it. I dont know how much you can really tell from just two days, but Ive loved it so far :-)
Today we learned about the anatomy of hair, the PH scale, and how not to use any product with a PH of 10 so they wont go bald. This is very good to know.

I also got this beautiful book bag.

Tomorrow I get to babysit my neices Natalie and Abby which will be fun. Last week G and I watched them together and we had a blast playing Buck-a-Roo! and coloring and watching the only kids movie I own, Charlie Brown's Christmas :-)
I love being and Aunt!


txmommy said...

cute bag.
It's good to know how to not make someone bald!

You don't have the little mermaid????

AeroRob said...

Maybe you could recite Little Mermaid to the with some little songs and dances.

utmommy said...

Very fun! Now I can trust that you won't make me bald.

Anne/kq said...

I'm glad you will not be pouring acid on people's heads! *grin*

Being an aunt is indeed awesome. You can do things and give presents you would never, ever do with your own kids. (As long as your own kids aren't around, that is.)