Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weird Things

I dont know if these things are really weird, but...

I am afraid of the dark
I like my husband to have a beard
I have to wear my (teeth) retainer EVERY night or I freak out
Its easier for me to talk for a long time to a complete stranger then someone i already know
I wish I had a crazy hair color like pink purple or teal

And if I had to be named after a vegetable
I would be named Avocado and have people call me Ava :-)
(technically an avocado is a fruit but I am using it anyways)


txmommy said...

keep wearing that retainer, you and your $10,000 smile :)
love, Kale

Joyismygoal said...

I am afraid of the dark too, but teaching Seminary helped a lot, I I love lucy red hair when i am in Flourescant lights,. It was so good to see you two the
2Brandts w/beards and braids

utmommy said...

I like R to have facial hair too!