Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Hair, Again

I was getting really tired of my long hair so today while i was at school i decided to chop it!!!! Now its gone! I really like the cut, its not very exciting, same style just shorter, but its fun :-)

S and J you need to pick whick colors you want so i can order them for disneyworld!!!!
The colors are a little off because its through my ghetto camera, but the 3 i really like are the hot pink on the end, the royal blue and the dark purple.


txmommy said...

wow! it looks so different. You look cute!!!!

utmommy said...

So cute! You could shave your head and still be beautiful!

You and Greg need to come over for dinner sometime.

Not So Average Teenager said...

i like the purple. ur hair is really cute!!! i also found a cut in a mag that i want. do u think u could to it too or should i have it perfessionally done? its a weird one.