Friday, October 19, 2007

Gregs Working

Tonight Greg is staying in Heber :-( He had to work the 4 to midnight shift and then has to be back at good old Maverik at SEVEN for a saturday shift. He "usually" (this was his promised schedule when he got hired on) works Mon-Fri 7-3, but they have had much trouble keeping employees around. I think I know of 5 people that have quit in the last 2-3 months. So G has been stuck taking occasional saturday shifts, or having to work till 7 or 8. This is fine with me.

The problem started when he started having to work a few graveyards. Twelve AM to 8 AM. This is not fine. Because:
1. It throws off his sleeping schedule
2. That means when he is home during the day he is sleeping
3. When he should be entertaining me
4. When he wakes up he is cranky
And most importantly
5. I am very very afriad of the dark and I cannot sleep when he is not here.

I dont know why I am such a chicken, but the second the sun goes down I hear every noise in the neighborhood, and in my apartment, and in my head. And I always think of the worst possible explaination for any noise. Even ones that dont make any sense or arent real. Scary movies that I saw a hundred years ago pop up in my head (still have not gotten over scary aliens in SIGNS or the fraky girl in THE RING ). I dont even watch scary movies anymore because I am so tramatized by these ones.

I have only had to suffer through a handful of these nights, but tonight is one of them and I am not happy.

So what have I been doing to keep my mind off of scary things for the last THREE HOURS? I have been looking at parenting websites, and coming up with baby names, and how i am going to decorate my non-existent children's rooms.

We are not expecting, or thinking about trying, or (on G's end) thinking about thinking about trying, but I find it a good use of my time.

So at, my new favorite website, I have been learning about epidurals, breast feeding, and fertility. I even took a quiz called Is He Ready to Be a Daddy? and guess what the results were??!

Your Score: 27
25-33 Congratulations, your spouse is ready to get in the game of parenting! The next step is to snuggle up to the sidelines and hope you get called into the game soon. Be sure to sign up for our preconception calendar . . . and practice, practice, practice!

The quiz asked things like How does he act around other kids/babies/animals, what are his friends like, how does he cope with stress, is he a good teacher. And I answered truthfully.
Now Im definatly going to have to let G know about his Awesome Score!

I also took a fun on called What's Your Baby-Naming Personality?
My results:
13-17 You are a traditional individualist. You seek to combine your past with your hope for the future when choosing a name for your child.

I think this accurately describes my non-existent baby naming style.
I like names like Lucy and James and Henry which seem pretty traditional to me. And I also like names like Max and Greyson (Grey for short!)Which I only know of a few people with those names, so theres some individualism for you!
p.s. Greg doesnt really like any of these names

Well now I have 15 minutes till my regular bed time so I am going to get ready for bed and attempt to actually fall asleep before I make myself cranky in the morning too.


txmommy said...

poor Dani! I told you not to watch all those scary movies!!

I love your nursury very cute! Can't wait to be a grandma....but don't hurry for me.

Too bad you didn't live close you could have come over for KB Tournament night. Or had S sleep over to protect you...or Millie.

Anna said...

I hear you girl. I hate scary movies. And scary sounds when you're all alone.

I like your's always good to be prepared!?!

utmommy said...

I hate being alone at night too. I hate when R has to be gone. I never sleep good. Don't watch scary movies either because I totally freak myself out. Try to sleep good!

Rachel said...

NO KIDDING... about the being home alone. I don't like it ONE BIT either...

A Baby huh... how cute to have a little Dani running around... I understand you wanting one... and it is SOOO much fun looking at all that stuff online... babyzone or something like that was another fun one. Have fun window shopping and if you want all that stuff... then start saving for it NOW... its super expensive! But so darn cute!

txmommy said...

Actually, I have the same problem when I am the only one home, or even when I am travelling. My nightmares get a lot more frequent adn even more vigorous - you probably remember what I mean by that. But when txmommy or the kids are here, I am in protection mode, and rather than being fearful, I'm am vigilant, and actually more relaxed.

Your baby discussion is very interesting. I like names like Robert, Rob, Robert, or even Rob. Works for both granddads.

You can guess who this is?