Monday, December 31, 2007

A Texas Christmas

We got to spend Christmas with my family in Texas this year!!!! I was so excited to go home, I hadnt been there in over a year!
We had a ton of fun hanging out with the fam, opening presents, going to the zoo, galavanting around downtown :-P We played alot of Wii tennis, probably the favorite present of the TX clan.

Here are the fancy cowgirl chefs in their new aprons and festive boots!

My cute mom

Sisters opening presents

Greg and I got raquet ball equipment!! woohoo!

Greg had such a great time he's even considering moving there! I didnt say a thing... Texas sells itself!


utmommy said...

Even with your mom leaving? You still want to be there?

txmommy said...

Yes she does. Texas is rocks and we'll be back.

txmommy said...

I meant Texas Rocks!!! dur