Saturday, January 19, 2008

One Republic

This past week I got to go to the One Republic concert! I called my friend Derek after school to see how tall he was, because i was going to set him up on a date with a girl whos 5/11, and then I asked him what he was up to and he said, "just going to buy One Republic tickets, wanna come?" And I said YES! So I had him buy a ticket for me greg and my friend Ashley, but then G didnt want to go, so Derek and his roomate Jospeh and me and my friend Ashley (who is also married but her husband was out of town) went together! It was very fun and even though I had only heard one song of theirs I ended up loving their entire set and am going to buy the cd asap. Also one of the 3 bands that opened for them was really good, so ill have to get theirs too.


Jord and Meags said...

hey hey! did you copy these pics off my blog!?!? ... haha! you are so funny! i am glad you liked all of One Republic's songs ... they are amazing!!

Playful Professional said...

I'm super jealous! I love the song "Apologize," but missed them when their concert came through. Glad you had a good time!