Saturday, February 2, 2008


This has been a crazy week! We moved apartments last weekend, just down a few streets to another 2 bedroom, but this one is bigger. Big enough to do yoga in the living room without hitting the couch and the fan and the entertainment center.
One of the bedrooms is very large also, probably the same size as the living room, and we decided to make the smaller one our bedroom and the larger a storage/computer/yoga room! I can fit 3 people doing yoga in the yoga room if I wanted!
The only down side is that there is no dishwasher! I despise washing dishes more then any other chore, and now it'll all be done by hand. I guess thats what i get for letting G pick an apartment without having me even see it until we move in! (Just kidding, he did a good job :-)
We're still unpacking, even though it seems like we've been doing nothing but unpack since we moved in. When did we accumulate so much stuff?!

I graduated on Wednesday!! Finally! My last day I scheduled the whole morning for Ashley to do my hair, and then G came in to get a haircut, and at 4 I had my final customer. Barbara.

It was really weird waking up the next morning and not having anything to do. I set my alarm at 9 so I wouldnt be a bum all day, but I ended up waking up at 7:40 and couldnt stay asleep.

Ive been giving out my resume to every salon I see, but it dosnt seem like anyone is hiring, or the ones that are are set up as booth rent which means I pay them $$$ every month to work in their salon and I get to keep all of my revenu. Only problem is that $$$ is usually around $500 a month. And my clientel consists of 3 people right now, so unless their hair grows reeeaally fast...

Anyways, here are some pictures of my last day as a student for the rest of my life...
Shandi got me a yummy cake

Me Debbie and Ash

And the beautiful tulips G sent me with baloons :-)

My favorite flower


txmommy said...


I like your pink stripe!!

Playful Professional said...

Congrats!! Being done with school really is the best feeling ever. It's great to be able to continue learning without all of the homework and stress of classes!