Monday, February 4, 2008

New Apartment

Things I like about our new apartment:
We have a covered parking spot
We have more storage room
We have more yoga room
We dont have to make a left turn onto busy state street anymore
We are close enough to UVU to walk
We have electric wires running through the ceiling that heat the house instead of air... good because we got rid of one bill (gas)
also we dont hear our neighbors (no vents)

Things I do not like about our new apartment:
The bathtub faucet leaks
It also has such high pressure its like chinese water torture
And runs out of hot water after only one QUICK shower, Ill never be able to shave my legs!
We dont have a dishwasher
We have drapes instead of blinds
The kitchen floor is a lovely yellow linolium


txmommy said...

I want a chinese water torture shower, ours you have to run around so a drop of water will get on you.

Maybe you could have lemon themed kitchen?:)

utmommy said...

Go buy a new shower head, it should solve the problem. We've had to do that before.

I need go come check it out. When am I invited?

I think a lemon themed kitchen would be so cute!

Playful Professional said...

Our apartment doesn't have a middle ground between scalding and freezing cold water. Once it gets hot it won't get warm again, it's either hot or freezing.