Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Scrap Booking

So my new job is going well. I have met all of the other girls that I'll be working with and I think we'll all get along really well. There are 6 of us working there, and one of them actually went to school with me and just started about a week before I did.
One of my favorite sushi restaurants is right across the street from our shop, and they do take out! So I'll probably run over and grab a roll for lunch some days :-)

The only problem is one of the girls has really cute short hair, and it makes me want to cut mine even shorter! (This is really only a problem for Greg, I know he wishes my hair were long again!)

Tonight we had a scrap booking night for my ward and another combined! We made these cute pages and card. Now I just need to take some cute pictures of me and Greg to put in the pages. I tried to take some on Valentines Day but they turned out not cute.

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Montana Brandts said...

Sweet pages! I wish I had scrap booking talents...but I am not that creative! I just created us a blog, so you should check it's my way of updating everyone on Kailey and kind of to advertise for my photography! But, I'm not that good yet, so hopefully in the future it'll be better! your guy's blog is awesome, I love the big pic. of you guys it's cute! And, I love your colors, it's awesome! We need to have you guys over soon! It would be way fun! Hows your new job going? Do you like it? We hope everything is well with you two! Talk to you later!