Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Day Off :-)

Wednesdays are my favorite days. I get wed and Sun off of work, but since Sunday's I still have to get up early and look nice for church and then go to 30 different Enrichment meetings, it dosnt count as one.
Today Im going to do whatever I want! And some stuff I have to.

9:30 Wake up! - i love sleeping in
9:35 Blog - who knows how long this will take
Eat breakfast somewhere in here
Do my hair - Being a stylist is so hard, I have to look good everyday so I can advertise for myself :-P
Put on Jeans!!! - I have to wear black slacks every day to work and a skirt to church
12:00 Run to Greg's work to drop off keys he forgot
Deposit my paycheck $$$ now we wont go negative!
1:30 Go to lunch with Ash!
Get home and work on my MK inventory so we can do our taxes
And finally get to read some of my books

Bald in the Land of Big Hair is about a women who gets cancer and lives in Texas and her adventures and trials
More then a Woman is a biography on Bette Davis' life. So far its very interesting

The first non-fiction novels Ive ever picked out and amazingly I actually like both of them!


Playful Professional said...

I miss having days off. Saturday doesn't count because of all of my errands and well we both know Sunday isn't really a day off.

Montana Brandts said...

Wow, sounds like you have a very nice relaxing day ahead of you! That is until you start to reading the blog insturctions I sent you, and then you will be getting flustered and frustrated all afternoon, and get addicted to getting it all done! But, don't worry because I will be home all afternoon and Kailey will be asleep for most of it, so I will be available to help you at any time you need it! Just give me a ring! Hope you have fun and an excellent day! Talk to you later!

Caroline said...

Wow, for a day off, you've got a lot to do! Good luck!

I still need an address, by the way. I found a great pic of you and Meridith on an old roll of film (see Robin's blog to get a look). I'd like you to have it. It belongs to you more than me, anyway. So quick! Send you address my way!

Stan & Ash said...

lunch with ash is right!! we need to do that more often!!

Montana Brandts said...

Look at you! Awesome new blog! You did it! It looks really good! And, thats cool about Saturday, Sunday's work just fine with us! I'll let you know for sure when within the next couple days! As soon as Zack figures out what he's doing! Anyway, your blog looks awesome! Talk to you soon!

Charmela said...

Your new blog is so cute!!! Enjoy your days off now, because once kids enter the picture, it'll be crazy (but fun)!

utmommy said...

I like your new layout! Very cute:)