Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Night 4

So this week Greg's been up in Wyoming working with his Dad. He's opening a new hotel up in Cody and since G hasn't been working he decided to take his spring break and go up and make some money moving all the furniture in. It sounds like pretty tough work when I talk to him! Every night at about 8:30 I get a phone call and by 9 o'clock he is pooped and heading to bed!

Today after work he and Chris decided to drive up to Yellowstone to check if it was open, and on the way out they got caught in a stampede of buffalo! OK maybe not a stampede, but he said about 10-15 buffalo running to and fro all over the road! They said it was pretty scary and were lucky not to get hit by any of them.

As for me, Ive been trying to find things to entertain me while Im all alone. Ive been watching alot of Seinfeld. Greg was surprised I even let him go for the week I usually get so scared when he's gone for just one night. But this week Ive been very brave! The only problem now is I haven't been able to fall asleep at night. I dont know if its because of the time change and its staying light later, or if I just need G there with me in bed to make me fall asleep, but last night I was up till 1:30 in the morning! Tommorrow I have to be at work at 9, so I hope Im able to get some shut eye tonight!


Chel said...

A stampede of buffalo? That's scary :)

I don't like being alone. I get really paranoid and things that normally don't phase me, all the sudden are an issue and make me scared (like noises).

I hope you get some sleep!

Montana Brandts said...

I know how that is! I hate when Zack is gone too! But, the longer you've been married the easier it is to let them go...sometimes a break is really nice! Not, that we don't love them but we could all use breathing time somtimes! Plus, when kids come along then it is way easier to let them go because you have someone at home with you! Anyway, I hope you are doing well, and that he gets back home soon so you can get some more sleep! I hope work is going well for you too! We need to have you guys over soon, it would be fun! Has Heidi talked to you guys about exfuze yet? It's awesome stuff, we just got it this week, and I am really excited about it! If you havn't heard about it yet, it this new juice that's out that has awesome fruits in it that your body can really benefit from! So, we are just starting to sell hoprfully it goes well. They havn't even premiered it yet! so hopefully it goes over well and people like it! Anyway, we miss you guys and we hope to get together with you soon! Talk to you later! Love you both!
Jessica, Zack and Kailey

utmommy said...

I hate when R leaves. I never sleep good.

Why don't you just come hang out over here?

Aimee said...

Glad you are having the same issues I am. At least Greg talks to you for a half hour. I think Chris falls asleep talking to me. Or listening more likely

HB said...

I've been meaning to call you all week and see how you were doing. I know what it's like to be home alone and scared! You can call here ANY time. I was up till three last night and will probably be up late tonight. So call, come over, or hide under the covers and I'll come over! (This is Heidi by the way)