Friday, April 11, 2008

Black Dating

For some reason I receive an email every day for Black Singles, or Black Dating. I have no idea how I got signed up for their mailing list, or why even though I've tried to make them junk mail they always come back to my Inbox. But I think that they might kick me out of the club if they ever found out I was just a little white girl.
Or married.


Miss Texas just won the Miss USA pageant!
Go Texas!


utmommy said...

I wonder how some of those crazy things get sent.

Go Texas:)

Montana Brandts said...

Hey there! I saw your comment, and that sounds like fun! Just let me know what day and time and we'll work something out! That's interesting that you keep getting those e-mails! Maybe you should send them a picture of yourself and tell them that they have the wrong person! Welp, talk to you later!

B&B said...

We all know you are looking for some brown suga! haha

HB said...

That's pretty funny! I get the worst stuff sent to my hotmail account. I only have it cause I'm to lazy to switch everything all over.