Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Moms So Cool

My moms so cool ...
She can cook Anything, and its usually always good
She let me take my driving test without takeing drivers ed
She went to every soccer game I can remember
She got me braces, twice, so I wouldnt look scary
She took me on a date to Burger King when I was little, just me and her
She taught me how to dance like a chicken
She can pull off red lipstick like no other! (see above)
She lets me cut and color my hair however I want
She graduated from college
She taught me how to read and to love books
She lets us take dance, soccer, baseball, dance, violin, horseback riding, volleyball, gymnastics, drill team, karate, piano, cheerleading, drama, clarinet and drives us to all of them!
She survived cancer
She has a strong testimony

And mostly, she's always there for me no matter what!
She's the coolest


txmommy said...

I love you!!!!Thank you.

marcia said...

that was so nice and so well deserved

The Wendler Family said...

mom's are awesome! You mom is pretty amazing!! I don't think I would drive my kids to half of your activites, or let them get braces twice... you are a lucky girl!

utmommy said...

I also think she's pretty cool!

Larvin & Ashley said...

Hello! I am so glad you posted on our blog. Now we can keep in touch. Greg you did well, your wife is adorable.

Scott & Tiffany said...

Hello! This is ashley from thecutestblogontheblock, the directions for using my free backgrounds are on the right hand side bar after you scroll down a little bit under where it says 'you must do this first'. Thanks!