Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Elect of Elohim"

I read this poem today from the book The Holy Temple and thought it was beautiful:

In solemn council sat the Gods;
From Kolob's height supreme,
Celestial light blazed forth afar
O'er countless kokaubeam;
And faintest tinge, the fiery fringe
Of that resplendent day,
'Lumined the dark abysmal realm
Where earth in chaos lay.
"Father!"--the voice like music fell,
Clear as the murmuring flow
Of mountain streamlet trickling down
From heights of virgin snow.
"Father," it said, "since one must die,"
Thy children to redeem,
From worlds all formless now and void,
Where myraid life shall teem;

"And mighty Michael foremost fall,
That mortal man may be,
And chosen Savior yet must send,
Lo, here am I--send me!
I ask, I seek no recompense,
Save that which then were mine;
Mine be the willing sacrifice,
The endless glory, Thine!
Still rang that voice, when sudden rose
Aloft a towering form,
Proudly erect as lowering peak
'Lumed by the gathering storm!
A presence bright and beautiful,
With eye of flashing fire,
A lip whose haughty curl bespoke
A sense of inward ire.
"Send me!" -- coiled 'neath his courtly smile
A scarce-concealed disdain;
"And none shall hence, from Heaven to Earth,
That shall not rise again.
My saving plan exception scorns;
Man's will? -- nay, mine alone.
As recompense, I claim the right
To sit on yonder throne!"
Ceased Lucifer. The breathless hush
Resumed and denser grew.
All eyes were turned; the general gaze
One common magnet drew.
A moment there was solemn pause;
Listened Eternity,
While rolled forth from lips omnipotent
The Father's firm decree:
"Jehovah! thou my Messenger,
Son Ahman, thee I send!
And one shall go thy face before,
While twelve thy steps attend.
And many more, on that far shore,
The pathway shall prepare,
That I, the First, the last may come,
And earth my glory share.

"Go forth, thou chosen of the Gods,
Whose strength shall in thee dwell!
Go down betime and rescue earth,
Dethroning death and hell
On thee alone man's fate depends,
The fate of beings all.
Thou shalt not fail, though thou art free--
Free, but too great, to fall.
"By Arm divine, both mine and thine,
The lost shalt thou restore,
And man, redeemed, with God shall be,
As God froevermore.
Return, and to the parent fold
This wandering planet bring,
And Earth shall hail thee Conqueror,
And Heaven proclaim thee King."
'Twas done. From congregation vast,
Tumultuous murmurs rose;
Waves of conflicting sound, as when
Two meeting seas oppose.
'Twas finished. But the heavens wept;
And still their annals tell
How one was choice of Elohim,
O'er one who fighting fell.
-Elder Orson F. Whitney


kattpt said...

I think the poem is beautiful too! I am just kidding I didn't even read it. It was Greg that read it right? Hey Greg I was on Larvin and Ashley's blog and saw yours and Dani's. I never thought you would marry a young lady that had the same name as I do. This is Danny Lange, remember me? Anyways I have already written too much and your wife probably thinks I am a freak so I am will go now. It was fun to check out your blog man.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

that was deep and beautiful

Grandma A said...

That is quite a poem. I think you take after Papa. He is the avid poem reader and also writer.
You are such an awesome girl. We love you.

Rachel said...

Totally unrelated to your post... but your mama told me that because of my Disney trip I am going to MISS you being here. However the day you get here, I leave the day after. I cut my hair short and would LOVE a trim... can you squeeze me in the day you get here? I would LOVE it! And maybe even add some more DARK color. Love ya lots... oh yeah, and I made my blog private and I NEED your email so I can "invite" you.

Love You girly!

Devin and Elle said...

Hey dani, i havn't talked to you in a long time. just wanted to say hi!! and hope all is going well for you!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Oh and i and a friend want a cut