Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fort Worth Zoo

We had perfect zoo weather today, it was not to cool not to hot. It down poured last night so we were worried it would rain again, but we stayed dry.
All the animals were out and active too! In the bird house you can buy a little stick with seeds on it and the birds fly into you to get the food! It was fun, but kind of scary

This giraffe was so funny. It decided to eat the leaves that had already fallen to the ground, so it had to spread its legs out as far as it could and reeeeaaach down :-) I thought it was funny at least

There were also some new addtions to the zoo family, 4 lion cubs, 4 tiger cubs, and a few baby giraffes! They were all so cute! Hard to get a picture of though.


utmommy said...

So fun! I think the giraffe is pretty funny too!

One For All said...

You and your sister's and bro are so cute. An though Cali is my home always, you guys make Texas quite appealing. I could live there :)

allison nadauld said...

great zoo pics. I'm impressed with your bird handling techniques.

The Poer Family said...

Hey Dani, It's me again! We are going private on our blog. If you would like an invite to it, would you please leave your email address on our blog. Thanks! Would LOVE to invite you to it if you want to.

Stan & Ash said...

awww...your so lucky you got to go home! your pics are cute