Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkey Day

This Thanksgiving we headed up to Bountiful to eat at our bro and sis in laws hizzouse.
I was in charge of a salad and cranberry sauce(which I brought but no one ate) :-(Most of the nieces and nephew were at other family's houses so it was the lone Kailey who braved out the holiday with all the old folk. (I'm included in that) Greg doesn't like this pic because he looks goofy, but I don't care :-P
I am grateful that we have family by us so I didn't have to try and cook the turkey.

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Montana Brandts said...

Thanks for coming! It was so much fun! And, I am so sorry that nobody ate the cranberry sauce! I would have tried it if I wasnt put at the end of the table away from all the food... and trying my best to make sure everyone got everything... and putting Kailey down for a nap!! Come to think of it Thanksgiving was exhausting!! Haha!! I am glad you guys could make it though, it doefinetly wouldn't have been the same without you guys!! You are awesome!! Oh, and Thanks for the AWESOME sparkling jello!! I think that was the highlight to my whole dinner... that or the dip! It's a toss-up they were both so good!! I Thanks again!!