Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camp Out

Brandt Family Style

Last week we got to take a few days off work to enjoy the great outdoors!
The crew consisted of the Binghams, me and Greg, and Zack & Kailey the first night, with Grandma Grandpa Emily and Flint coming for the 2nd night.
We had lots of fun despite the rain and hail that greeted us the first day. Luckily it cleared up after a few hours and we were able to do some hiking and fishing.
We were even given a full rainbow to find the end of! (if you look real hard you can see Heidi and the girls hunting for it)

Greg caught a few fish, then showed the girls how to clean it out. Very gross

The first night there was freeeeezing cold, luckily we had our zero degree mummy bags to keep us warm. Dont worry, the preggo lady had an air mattress to sleep on too. It was actually pretty comfortable.
Especially the 2nd night when it warmed up alot.
Here's Flint telling us a ghost story about vampire cows.
Bob showed me how to make a peach cobbler in the dutch oven so I can make it for girls camp this week. It took a long time to cook, and was kind of mushy, but very delicious.
We also got to try s'mores with strawberry marsh mellow, yuummy!
Im all for camping and had a blast, but I think the very best part was finally getting home and hopping into a hot shower!

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