Friday, June 12, 2009

My Baby Sisters Graduation

Ok, she's not really the baby, but shes my baby sister. Congratulations Sierra!! Class of 09!
Dad Bea Me and Mom watching the "thrilling" ceremony

She is so smart, she had every tassel and medal you could get. Top 10 percent of her class!

I love Texas, its going to be so weird going home to visit and being in a completely new state, new house, new country (pretty much)
So I had to soak up all the Texas I could get.
The first two days were overcast and pretty windy, so I didnt hop in the pool with the crazy Lucy. I did get some pool time in later though :-)
I gave her "swimming lessons" aka me telling her where to swim to in the pool.
Swim to mermaid rock.... ok now over to the waterfall.... now jump over the fountain.....

I was so glad to see all of my family

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