Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Four Weeks Old

Can you believe its been 4 weeks since this little girl joined our family? We really want to get her on a better schedule so we can get real sleep at night, but I like when she takes long naps during the day too much! I can actually get a nap, or clean the apartment, or read a book.

Poor baby has had a bad rash on her bum for a little over a week now :-( Desitin was not helping, so I called the Dr. and he said to get two special creams and use them, stop using wipes and just use wet paper towels, and soak her bum in a bath with baking soda 1-2 times a day. Too bad she HATES the water.

Greg has been SO busy with school and work and his calling in the branch, we feel like we never see each other now. Unless you count me looking at him while Im awake nursing 4 times a night. We picked up an OAT prep book the other day, something else to take up his time :-P

Im having a brain fart trying to come up with mutual activities for my Young Women. Anyone have any suggestions? Its hard because we only have two girls so we cant do anything that requires a big group, which most fun activities do.

P.s. Nicole Richie had her baby, finally. She named him Sparrow James Midnight Madden
Her daughter is Harlow Winter Kate Madden.
Greg and decided our names weren't as cool as the Maddens so we came up with some new names for our family:

Greg Blue Spruce Brandt
Daisy Thyme Dani Brandt
And Tatum Ruffles Adventure Brandt


Whitney said...

I love the new names. Awesome.

Rachel said...

hey... her rash could be an allergic reaction to something that you are eating. Haylee had a bad one when she was tiny too. It was tomatoes and all things acidic. I used neosporin.

BUT... she is soooo cute and still so tiny. Aren't they just the best? You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work. Love you girl.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

teehee cute names -- what asweetheart
how about getting a special to teach them something like a cooking skill like crepes or crocheting- making a pillow? quilting- Tying a quilt for T Ruffle A Brandt

Rachel Poulsen said...

I don't know about the other ones but Greg Blue Spruce Brandt is pretty cool!
Your baby is so darling, I love all her hair!

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Goodness Tatum is getting old!
She is so sweet. And your names are cool. Honey...if you took as much drugs as Nicole Richie, you might have came up with those crystal sucking names too. I like your names!!!!

Katy said...

I swear by diaper cream called Butt Paste. Desitin never worked for me. Bradley got diaper rash so bad when he was little that it bleed, so I have found that my kiddos do the best with Costco diapers. Mine can't wear the name brands or anything else but costco. They are really affordable and leak proof too.

Caroline said...

Mutual activity - Human Mario Kart. Run around a baseball diamond holding your ankles, litter the diamond with bananas, juice boxes, and water balloons. Set up a relay system with four teams. Players can stop and throw bananas (if hit you have to spin on the spot 3 times), water balloons (you have to run backwards 10 paces), and chug the juice box (you can stand up and run for 10 seconds). First team to get all their players around wins.

Rash - Dave had a diaper rash that would leave him bleeding. Neosporin worked best. You can also go diaper free for a little while every day. Just set her on her tummy on a cloth diaper or burp rag while you play with her. That helped Dave. We also had to find chlorine-free diapers because he was allergic to a lot of the chemicals they put in diapers. 7th Generation diapers are the best. There are also those flushable diapers. They worked great but were expensive, so we used them until the rash was gone then swapped days using those one day and regular disposable the other. Last resort was cloth, which I ended up loving. But I'm weird :)

Caroline said...

Of course, that was a big group game, so I guess that doesn't help you at all... Shoot. Sorry. :\

Price Family Connection said...

Rash: sometimes it is fungal (gross, I know, but it happens). Laura's latest was fungal and it went away after a full week of putting Lotrimin (yes, the anti-fungal jock-itch cream) on her just like we did with Desitin. That was our doctor's advice. Thank goodness he could spot a fungal rash faster than anything! If you see any little spots on the rash area, it's highly likely it's fungal. Good advice above as well -- Another secret is to use Corn Starch (yes, exactly the same as you buy for the kitchen) and sprinkle that on the baby's bum and leg wrinkles to help dry it out between changes. Natural and cheap! Talcum powder isn't anymore these days - not healthy to inhale. So now we have a can of corn starch next to our wipes in the diaper drawer! :)

Price Family Connection said...

Oh, and the coolest middle name = Danger. My friend's little boy is Kaden Danger Cleveland.

"Danger is my middle name."