Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well my b-day was on Aug 31st, but I haven't gotten around to posting my awesome day! Actually it was pretty uneventful. Other then the fact that I turned 22...

Tatum and I had a leisurely morning at home waiting for Greg to get done with school and work. Becca and Lauren cameover with birthday soup and salad from Zupas, yuuuuumm! Then when G got home he took me to the Quicksilver store so I could get a birthday hoodie! Yay! I love it! He also took me to A&W for dinner and a root beer float, and then we rented 17 Again- so funny!

My mom and sister got to come visit us and meet Tate and they brought me this cute apron (since I am such an amazing chef) and new curtains that make my apartment look 10x better!We also hit the mall and got the cute jeans pictured above. I have been waiting so long to be able to fit into jeans again :-)We went to the new Texas Roadhouse in Lehi for my birthday dinner while they were here. Of course there are no pictures of the birthday girl there, but we had to get one of Tate and her Mimi and Great-Aunt Val!Then over Labor Day weekend my Dad and Bea came out for their visit! We had a fun "hike" up to Bridal Veil Falls, and then even ventured further up the path! There really wasn't much else to see, but it was good to get some exercise. And we wore the doggies out so they wouldn't be restless in their hotel room :-)

Dad took me to Barnes and Noble for some birthday books! I love bookstore shopping. I got a few new reads, including The Time Travelers Wife- which I am really excited to read but sort of wanted to see the movie first. I usually like the movie better if I see it before I know the real story from the book, but I dont think it will be out on video soon enough. And I will not be going to the theater anytime soon with a baby. I hate it when people do that.

I didn't get any pictures of their trip on my camera, but I know my Dad took about a million of his little grand baby! She's so cute he couldn't resist :-)

And here's a picture from today. She looks so comfortable, don't you think?


txmommy said...

awh! I want to kiss those cute little toes!

Whitney said...

Happy happy birthday Dani dear! You are looking FAB! I'm jealous I still don't have my pre-preg body back and you are looking fiiiine ;)

Becca said...

No mention of your birthday lunch visit?? Becca is going to be so hurt. I can't believe how big she is getting! Tell Greg I hope she pees on him again. Haha

Rachel said...

I took my little brother and sister to the movies when Avery was two months old. I thought for sure I'd spend the whole time in the hall with Avery, but she slept through the entire thing. I was so surprised because theaters are loud!