Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I won!

Today was a looooong day. Tatum has been so fussy, I dont know why some days are fine and others are let's scream all day long days. She is a mystery to me.
Anyways I entered into a drawing yesterday for this sweet headband:

And when I went to check the results my name had been drawn! It made my whole day better seeing my name up on the screen!
The creator is a girl named Ariel whos blog I have been following for a while. She has the sweetest little girl named Serena whos just a few months older then Tate. She started making these headbands to keep her busy being a new stay at home mom, and she just opened an Etsy shop up...

Check it out here
Serena Bee Frills and Fancies


Ty and Mari said...

congrats on the win! I think it's way cute!

Your little Tate might be fussy some days depending on what you are eating... keeping a food journal for yourself might help solve the mystery! Good luck, babies are puzzles with millions of pieces, you just can't get it all together!!!

Bethany said...

those are way cute headbands! I'm going to need to learn how to do that now!

On Anabel's cranky days we found that taking her on a walk and getting some air really helped. But yeah... it's frustrating not knowing what is wrong!

Ariel said...

Hope you're rocking the headband in style :)

I love the pictures of Tatum in the tutu! I need one of those for Serena!