Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bad Habit

This is something she picked up when we were visiting Mimi in Maryland. She spent alot of time laying in the living room playing and her gaze would just wander over to the big screen. When we got home we were over at our friend Amanda's to watch One Tree Hill and she was being so fussy, so I laid her down on the big love sac and her eyes went straight to the tv and the crying stopped.
She loves it! She laughs at it!
Now I really dont like to watch tv that much, so we hardly ever have it on. And I definitely dont want Tate to become one of those kids that watch television ALL DAY LONG.
But it is nice when I need to take a shower.
"What? I wasn't doing anything."
FYI I have only let her watch tv purposely twice. I usually take a shower before bed so Greg is home to hold Tate.


txmommy said...

look how cute her little giraffe jammie is! my cute little couch tater

marcia@joyismygoal said...

oh boy couch tater --Teehee that is cute

Natalie said...

She is so cute and I can see she is growing so well. I wish I could hold her and kiss her. Soon!

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

I miss little tatum!
She is getting so big and she is the cutest!
I want to hold her so bad....

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Tatum with a big T sorry.

Anonymous said...

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