Sunday, November 15, 2009

Church dresses

Tatum likes to match her dad when she goes to church. Of course the good pictures are the ones that dont show the green tie, or were taken after dad changed out of his church clothes. Oh well, they still look super cute together.

This weekend we went to Heber twice, had a movie date at home, and had birthday cake at Yoho's. Talia loves it when Tate comes to visit her. She cant wait until Tatum can crawl and play with her. For now she is working on being soft :)


The Wendler Family said...

Those little baby girls together are sooo cute!! How great for them to get to grow up with each other!

Sunday's are so fun to dress up into really nice fancy dresses. Tate's little dresses are adorable!
Love all the pictures. :D

Anonymous said...

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