Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daylight Savings

I think daylight savings is ridiculous. Its only 8:00 and I feel like its midnight it has been dark for so long! Why do we have it again? So farmers can see to work? Dont they have spotlights now?
I didnt even get to sleep an extra hour for this fall back because Tatum is a good girl and sticks to her schedule.
This was on Jay Leno the other night, funny.

We had a fun Halloween yesterday. I didnt take any pics yesterday, but dont worry Ill dress Tatum up tomorrow and post her AMAZINGLY funny awesome costume so you can see. I was cracking up all day seeing her in it.
At work we were supposed to dress up as devils and angels, but I was the only one who came as an angel! It was pretty funny and almost everyone who came in to the salon commented on it.

After we both got off work we headed up to Heber to show Tate off to the grandparents and we went to a party with our friends Katie Rhode and Olivia. We played one of my favorite games Boxers or Briefs, ate yummy chips n' dip and dinner in a pumpkin.

We were super tired so we didnt stay for the scary movie (luckily, we were there for the first 3 minutes of it and I was already creeped out). When we got home we all just fell into our beds.

Then SUPRISE, this morning we didnt have any water! A pipe broke in our neighborhood and left us waterless for about 4 hours. I boiled some water to give T a bath but then had to drive all the way to Provo to shower at Andrea's! Thanks Ange! About half of our branch was late for church because of the incident.

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Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

That cute little Tatum smile IS THE DAYLIGHT SAVING. She saves the day for sure. Adorable!
We miss her!!!!