Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making Dinner

Tate helped me make chicken pillows for dinner the other night. She cant stand to be left in a room by herself, or even on the floor if no one is paying attention to her. Luckily she has her bumbo chair so she can get in on all the action.
We did our taxes and (for the first time ever) got more then 100 dollars back!! We got a little excited and went out and bought a table!! We have been without one for a few months now, and its great to actually sit down to eat!


txmommy said...

nice table!
your new apartment is cute:)

utmommy said...

She looks so cute and happy in her Bumbo!!

Yeah for tax returns!

Natalie said...

T looks so cute sitting in that chair. You are soooooo pretty too.
Hey, did you get the cook book?
Love you.

Neysa said...

Dani....She is the CUTEST! I love the last picture of her. She is getting SO big....LOVE IT! It gets more fun as they get older, huh? It's cute that she sits in her bumbo while watching you cook. I LOVE the bumbos. They were nice. I miss my little girl sitting in it.

Meags said...

so cute pictures! i love that tate can be everywhere you are ... in her bumbo ... those are the best:)

Anonymous said...

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Dani said...

Neysa... I still need to be added to your blog! My email is

allegra said...

that is so funny. we were the same way! we didn't have a table in boston for almost 2 years b/c there wasn't room for one, so when we moved here we were stoked to finally get one:) so yay for you! that's exciting. you are a darling mommy!