Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentines Day Girl

Our little Valentine was so happy to be out soaking up the sun on our trip. She did so well on the drive, didnt even cry. I think she was excited to have mom AND dad sitting right next to her the whole way there and back.

Here are some pictures from home:
Watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in her snuggly bear jammies :)

Chilling and watching Baby Genius while mom cleans up (a little)


Montana Brandts said...

What a cutie! It feels like forever since we have seen you guys... Tater is getting so big! Hope everything's going well!! Hopefully we will see you guys soon!

Natalie said...

Dani, She is just soooo cute. I love all of her pictures and I love her so much.
You look so beautiful too. Love your haircut.

Anna said...

LOL - I love her kicking back watching her movie!

utmommy said...

She is getting SO big and I never even see her. Love, love, love the Valentines outfit,and the chillin' pic!

Anonymous said...

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