Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunny Snuggle

After a long morning of driving, waiting in line for our tastey burger at Hodads, and playing in the grass with crazy beach people (girl playing volleyball really shouldnt have been wearing a 2 piece, eek!) this little girl zonked out in her mama's arms. And I loved every second of it. I wrapped her up in my sweater and felt her snuggle in. I love snuggely moments. They few and far between.
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Natalie said...

She is the perfect little babe in arms and you are just gorgeous.
Love you both. Hugs.

allison nadauld said...

so sweet and lovely

Montana Brandts said...

So sweet! Those are rare moments, it's nice to soak in every minute of it. It was so fun to see her on Saturday, we missed out on seeing you though! Her and Carson were so cute playing together, they are going to be great cousin friends, off playing together when they get older!!

Anna said...

Oh I love her!