Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pictures Finally

Sorry everyone, we don't have internet at home yet and our clubhouse luckily does but the connection is really slow and Tatum does not like to sit and watch me blog. I let her go play with her friend Jade while I came to give you all what you've been dying for :) Without further ado :
From El Paso

So excited to see Dad after his long work day. He usually dosnt get home untill 10 or so at night, so shes usually asleep. Dont know how she got lucky this night.
From El Paso

Hanging with Mom
From El Paso

At the pool with my friend Jade
From El Paso

We have a big 6 inch deep section which Tatum loved walking around in her little seat through
From El Paso

From El Paso

Tried to get a picture of her goofy jack-o-lantern smile

From El Paso

She loves eating big people food. Especially this frozen lemonade Dad had

From El Paso

She's a Texas girl now

From El Paso

Can't tell from the face but she loves strawberries.

From El Paso

Our mothers day family picture


Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Yahoooo, we thought you dropped off the face of the earth! What a handsome family. That Tatum is too cute for words.


Jessie said...

Yay so glad you made it!! Hope everything is going well!

Shayla Finlinson said...

she is getting so big.. you look great girl by the way.. what a cute green dress..

txmommy said...

love the pictures! The one of Tate and Greg is so good and they all look so summery and fun!!

The Taggarts said...

yayayaya a post! Book group is so sad and lonely without you. But it sure looks like you've been having a blast! We have all been dieing to see pictures. This made my day! Your family is so cute!

utmommy said...

Yeah!!! So fun!!

She's getting so big. I miss you guys!

Natalie said...

What a cutie. She is getting so big and grown up. What a little doll.

Stan & Ash said...

did you move to texas??

Lil' M said...

she is so cute i miss u guys luv ya