Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We are back in our own little apartment... finally! We are so thankful for both our families that have let us crash at their homes for weeks now, but we are definitely glad to have our own space again. Especially so that I could bust out our Halloween decorations!
The last few days we have been getting rid of all of the junk we've accumulated in the last 4 years. Have you ever seen the show Hoarders? Well we aren't that bad, but you should have seen how many bags of trash, and bags for the DI we got rid of. Tatum's room is almost almost done. I want her to be able to have that room completely Tatum proof, where she can go and play without me worrying about anything she could get into. We have been using her room as our garage, so there was lots to be moved.

We have lots of family coming in town this week for Grandma and Papa's return from Belgium, J's baptism, and Reggie's blessing! Its so fun to have all the babies together!
Saturday I was able to go to the afternoon session of conference with Anna Amadeo Ange and Yoho. It's always special to go to the actually building where the prophet is and to hear him and our apostles speak. (Even if they looked like little ants from our balcony seats) :)

After our Girls Dinner we went and got cupcakes at Cupcake Chic in Orem. They were so tasty! I especially likes the pumpkin one.
T and J had to take turns biting their mini cupcake

I love having our family close~!


c. griffith said...

i love your family! You all are so gorgeous! and those babies, i just wanna eat 'em up!!!

Marion said...

wow you update a lot! i guess i haven't looked at your blog lately, but the family pictures are adorable! and I loved her birthday party... very creative...
I'm excited for this weekend.. hope you found a dress, see you sooN!