Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas is Near

We opened a package (one of the many, thanks grandma's!) and found this awesome soft blue blanket!
Tate has done quite a bit of snuggling with it over the last few days.
I hope we weren't supposed to wait till Xmas to open it.

 The Brandt Family Christmas party was alot of fun.
 Tatum got to go sledding for the 1st time
 She and Carson had to share a sled, she was not happy.

Ready for church

We got a TON of snow yesterday.
We wrapped up Tatum and Reggie and set out to make a snow man

 Reg was so cute all bundled up, 
He fell asleep after two minutes in that little warm cocoon.

 Are snowman was so cool, we made his mohawk blue, ya


Aimee said...

Where did you get another baby from? I can't find one anyone wants to give me. Can you not afford two gloves for Greg? I can probably find an extra one laying around if you want it.

Natalie said...

Love the picture of Tate in her Christmas dress. So adorable!!!!!!!!!
What a fun little outing and you're so cute with 2 babies.