Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Playing Hair Salon

Tatum got her first blow-out today! She was so cute sitting still in the sink and watching herself in the mirrror. There were a few times she just started laughing out loud.

I tried to curl her hair this morning with a tiny little curling iron. She looked ridiculous. For some reason I thought maybe i could curl her bangs without making them 90's, but it doesn't work. That 'do lasted about 3 minutes before i sprayed it down with water and went back to her regular feather head look.

She has been super clingy to me lately (like the last 4 months) where i can't even wash dishes or brush my teeth without a tantrum being thrown for me not picking her up. I knew I needed to get dinner made so I set her up with lots of furry company and put on Tom and Jerry. It worked! I had a good 20 minutes to saute' and bring to boil before she wiggled out of her nice little chair.

My big girl by our cute tree! I love Christmas decorations. Even though our little apartment looks kind of silly with how much I have up, I love every piece I have, and have no other room to display them :) The tree is up on the entertainment center this year to stay out of reach of those cute little fingers. But she can reach our Yellowstone moose hanging on the bottom right. I have to hang that ornament up a couple times a day, and she's only pulled the entire tree down with that moose once.

On monday we went and got her up to date on her shots. She was very scared of Dr. Arnold. Did not like him looking at her or touching her. Hated the stethoscope. But i was was glad to get her checked out, we hadn't been to a doctor since before our summer adventure. I missed getting my little accurate updates on her height and weight and percentile-age.

At 15 Months:
Length  -  31 inches  -  75%
Weight  -  20.2 lbs  -  10%
Head Circ  -  45 cm  -  25%

She was less then thrilled about the shot part, so we took her to Sonic for ice cream after. 
Sonic fixes everything!


Montana Brandts said...

I am jealous, I wish my child had a head in the 25%!! Tatum is such a cutie, I love your tree, super cute!!

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Love the updates! Tatum is such a big girl and it must be so fun that she likes the beauty parlor action.