Monday, April 25, 2011

Finger Trauma

Flat iron : 1    Tatum : 0

My poor Tate came into contact with a hot iron today while visiting her BF Kelly at the dangerous Fantastic Sam's workplace. She has two really big blisters, the length of her two fingers. A bowl of cold water and a blessing from Dad was the remedy.

No picture issued from the press due to... its just gross
Drill : 1    Dad : 0

My poor Grigg's left hand has taken another beating. While making Grandma's food storage shelves, on the very last screw, the drill sliced open the tip of his pointer finger. And part of his nail, ouch! A tetanus shot will be administered in the morning via instant care.

Sally Hansen : 1   Mom : 1

And as for me, the mom, I bought some new Sally Hansen nail decals to put on. A good job present to my fingers for not getting injured today. 


B and J said...

eeeeee! poor fingers

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Oh you poor darlings! Are you trying to make your fingers look worse than Tate's after the burn and Greg's after the cut with that Sally Hansen animal claw??? Tihihihihihi........

Stan & Ash said...

Baha you dork!
Poor little Tate!! And poor Greg tetnis shots are the worst!

Tahnee said...

i have heard about those nail decals! i wanna know how they turn out and last!! sorry bout the fingers incidents, no fun!

oh and the farm thing... my husbands family owns a sod (grass) farm! they have one down in vineyard.. right by utah lake! thats where our chickens are!

The Taggarts said...

shoot its been a ruff couple of days for you guys. Poor fingers! Cute nail decals!

Emily Thompson said...

oooh I hate imjuries to my fingers! and fantastic sam's is totally a deadly workplace.